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What Influences the LED Lights' Depreciation?

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LED Lights, as the fourth generation of green lighting sources, have won increasingly attention in the market. But the light depreciation is the biggest problem, the continuous light depreciation seriously influences the effect of lighting products.

There are two main factors that cause the LED lights' depreciation.

The first is the LED products quality.

The poor quality led chips could lead to fast light depreciation, and the defected working process is also one of the main problem, the chips heat couldn't be effectively deducted from the PINs, leading to over heat of the led chips and light depreciation.

The other factor is the application.

The good led lights are constant current driven, if they are changed to voltage driven, the light depreciation will happen.

The drive's current is bigger than rated, which could also speed up the light depreciation.

There are some other factors that could cause led light depreciation, the key factor is heat. Many LED lights manufacturers don't pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation, their LED products could have high rate of light dissipation after a period of time. The poor quality led chips heat resistance, silver adhensives, bases' heat dissipation, colloidal and gold thread, etc, are all the factors that cause the light depreciation.

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