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Upgrade the Lighting by Lango Products

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Highbay lights, also called workshop lighting, high ceiling lights, are widely applied in large area lighting such as workshop, industrial factories, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, etc.

 Featured of long life time, free maintenance, instant start, high light efficiency, good color rendering, energy saving, no glare, soft light, wide color temperature, and low light degradation, the induction lights manufactured by Shanghai Lango Lighting Company could also work under extremely low temperature, and the ballasts have multiple protections such as protections of over heat, by passing, over voltage, open circuit, short circuit, and anti-lightening, its soft start function greatly increase the large area public lighting’s reliability.

As one of top 500 Enterprises in China, Weixing Group in Zhejiang, China started replacing and upgrading its old lighting system, due to high installation of old lights, it was hard and costly to maintenance.Since 2014 till now, Weixing Group has changed the lights for 4 workshops,totally over 200Pcs of the 400W induction high bays manufactured by Shanghai Lango Lighting Company have been installed, according to the customer, the workshops’ lighting efficiency was increased by 30%, while the power consumption was lowered by 46%, and the maintenance cost was also reduced by 90%, the workshops now become brighter. This lighting project completely meets their expectation.